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GA Spares

GA Power Equipment Spares

Giving Dealers back their independence.


Supaswift is a true Australian iconic brand having been established as a producer of lawn mowers by Vulcan in the Melbourne suburbs in the 1950’s.

Today, Supaswift lawn mowers are highly regarded as a mower of choice for both domestic and commercial users, is it any wonder this great Aussie brand is the success it is today.


A comprehensive line of chainsaw chain, chainsaw bars, batteries, trimmerline, lubricants and accessories.

All PROKUT products are manufactured to exacting standards of strength, durability and quality. These products have been rigorously tested in Australia, so you have peace of mind the range can handle all job types.


Commercial Engines. Unmatched power, durability, and reliability. Start easier, perform stronger, last longer. With Kawasaki, you get all the power you expect, backed by almost a half-century of setting the standard for engine productivity, reliability and performance.


TUFFCUT offers a comprehensive range of spare parts for the Outdoor Power Equipment Market.

From lawnmower blade and bolt packs to our Tuff premium quality trimmer line, we have a product to suit your customers needs.


Put a Champion in your engine. Champion provide an extensive line of lawn & garden plugs for everything you need to keep your yard beautiful. As a matter of fact, Champion is the original plug for most of the small engine manufacturers.

Diamond Edge

Diamond designed cutting edges for aggressive cutting performance. Greater momentum provides higher impact resulting from 10% greater line mass. Special copolymer formulation for excellent wear, durability and cutting performance.


Cutting edge sharpening Equipment, The leader in quality ABN and diamond Grinding equipment.

Ethanol Shield

Prevent engine problems! An ultra-concentrated, multi-functional fuel stabiliser proven to prevent ethanol related problems while stabilising fuel. For both 2 and 4 cycle engines Ethanol Shield protects engine components and keeps your engine starting and running easily all year round.

Mechanic in a Bottle

The fix for poor or non-running engines! Mechanic in a Bottle provides both a reliable, fast and easy diagnostic tool to identify problems and a formula to rejuvenate and restore engines to top working condition – avoiding repairs and down time.


Make it happen! Make it Mojack! The smarter Ride-On & ZTR lift. Customer designed products to secure and lift virtually any riding mower on the market easily and safely.


Don't just ask for a spark plug, insist on NGK. NGK spark plugs are designed for superior performance as they extract maximum performance from the engine across the rev range.


Universal RINO-TUFF push button trimmer heads.

Trail Blazer

Delivers professional results for everyday use. Engineered for ultimate impact resistance, processed to minimise line splits and frays. Designed to provide weld resistant performance.


Tuff Torq is a global manufacturer of hydraulic, mechanical, electric, and hybrid drivetrain solutions serving the outdoor power equipment industry.

Tygon Tubing

Specially formulated to maintain air tight seals even in extreme conditions. Tygon Tubing resists swelling, hardening and cracking. Tygon's translucent material allows for clear inspection of flow.


Quality Australian made blades.


The professional's choice for optimum all round performance. Full mass line promotes longer wear. Up to 50% noise reduction in larger diameter areas. Increased RPMs allows use of larger diameter lines resulting in more impact power.


Walbro is the world's largest manufacturer of ignition and fuel management components for outdoor power equipment, marine & recreational applications.


Australian made brushcutter attachments to replace nylon cord and conventional steel blades.

Powerup Lawncare Products

Powerup Lawn Care

Established in 1993, Powerup Lawncare Products is the whole goods division of Roy Gripske & Sons group of companies. PLP distribute the following brands through a national dealer network; Bushranger, Maruyama, Efco, Oleo-Mac, Craftsman, Stiga, Ryan, Hustler and BigDog. PLP is one of the largest independent distributors of outdoor power equipment in Australia.


The principle of quality is reflected throughout our Bushranger product Range and is in the forefront of our minds in everything we do. Our products are rigorously tested here in Australia and we only source the best technology and quality from around the world. For more information please visit our web site.


Gravely mowers are built to withstand the hardest of jobs and the toughest Australian conditions. Helping you get the job done season after season and ergonomically designed to keep you comfortable kilometre after kilometre.


Established in Sweden in 1934, STIGA has been innovating premium garden consumer products for more than 80 years. Stiga maintains high quality lawn tractors that excel in performance – all year round.

Their products continue to be in a class of their own providing superior quality and safety, with ergonomic and environmentally-friendly features. They are designed to provide the best solution to any challenging task with lots of power under the bonnet and first-class collecting ability so you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

Spartan ZTR

Spartan Mowers: a product dreamed, designed and engineered to be the best possible machine on the market. Spartan Mowers are taking the mowing industry to a new level. From commercial lawn equipment and stand on mowers to zero turn mowers for small and large yard applications, Spartan has the perfect model to meet your needs.


In 1895 the Maruyama brand was founded on quality and durability. Throughout the years Maruyama has become a world leading manufacturer of 2 cycle hand-held landscape equipment. This high quality Japanese brand brings durability and performance to the market. Their name is synonymous with commitment to the professional. PLP is proud to represent this outstanding brand. For all of the Maruyama range and more information, please visit our website.

Ariens Co

At the core of Ariens' vision is a quest to astound customers, which is why every product is passionately built to provide unsurpassed results and longevity.

Whether the challenge is a sprawling estate with acres of property or family cottage with decorative surfaces and rustic wood burning fireplace, Ariens is proud to provide an exceptional line-up of zero-turn mowers engineered to make your home beautiful for generations. For outdoor equipment to make you yard beautiful, the solution is simple- turn to Ariens, a heritage of craftsmanship and innovation trusted for over 80 years.

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